Natural Features of Felt

All myfelt rugs and home accessories are made from the natural material wool felt. We use New Zealand virgin wool, known for its purity and quality. Our felted wool is free from synthetic fibers such as polyacrylic, polyester and polyamide and made without any solvents.
Natural Features of Felt

"An all-round talent for natural living."

We source our wool exclusively from the New Zealand farmers' association "New Zealand Wool Services International Ltd (WSI)". This guarantees pure wool of one of the best quality in the world and, above all, sustainable and animal welfare-friendly husbandry and gentle shearing of the sheep (certified mulesing-free). New Zealand virgin wool is one of the types of wool with the highest quality and durability in the world.

Quality and robustness

Compared to other manufacturers, myfelt products are characterized by the highest wool density, which is reflected in the higher strength of the felt balls. This quality leads to particularly high-quality and robust living room accessories that guarantee years of enjoyment.

Feeling of well-being and warmth

In addition to a pleasant, natural tactile sensation, it is above all the thermoregulation properties of the wool felt that are valued in the myfelt carpets and the myfelt seat felt. In short: The products not only feel pleasant, but also ensure a balanced temperature and a comfortable indoor climate.

Water-repellent and moisture-regulating

Wool felt has water-repellent properties thanks to the natural wool fat content. This wool grease, also known as lanolin, gives the felt a protective barrier that repels dirt and moisture and increases the longevity of the material. Wool felt has a positive effect on the moisture balance in the room because it has the ability to absorb moisture from the air and release it again when necessary. This natural regulation contributes to the creation of a pleasant indoor climate and helps to compensate for fluctuations in air humidity. Therefore, all myfelt products such as carpets, accessories and felt baskets can also be used in the bathroom without any problems.

Dirt-repellent and easy to care for

Another advantage is its dirt-repellent properties. Whether rolled flat or in the form of felt balls, wool felt has an antistatic effect and has a natural surface structure that repels dirt and dust. The fibers of the wool felt close together so that dirt particles remain on the surface. This increases the longevity, aesthetics and function of the material and makes regular cleaning easier.

Colour resistance and security

Wollfilz also offers other remarkable properties. A high colour resistance ensures that the tones and nuances of the MyFelt products do not fade even after a long time. In addition, wool felt can be flammable. All myfelt felt products are certified according to B1 fire protection.

Improvement of room acoustics

Rugs made of wool felt have been shown to optimize the room acoustics. They act, whether lying in the room or hanging on the wall, sound and noise-insulating. This property not only makes you attractive for living areas, but also for professional applications in the property area. From the home office to open-plan offices or in recording studios, MyFelt products enable an optimal solution to reduce noise. Feel free to contact us, we have already realized a variety of different projects.